Chalmers University of Technology
Industrial Design Engineering
(Goteborg, Sweden)
Master's Degree

Istanbul Technical University
Industrial Design
(Istanbul, Turkey)
Bachelor's Degree


Hand / computer sketching
Rhinoceros, Alias Automotive Design
Showcase, Keyshot, Vray
Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign
After Effects, Balsamiq
Autodesk Sketchbook Designer
MS Office
HTML, CSS (Basic)


Turkish (mother tongue)
English (fluent)
Swedish (learning)


Basketball, tennis, cinema,
digital art, chess, word games


Apr 14 - recent / i3tex AB - Gothenburg / full-time

Developing user interface for medical devices.

Mar 13 - Aug 13 / Enthoven Associates - Antwerp / Internship

Assigned to various design projects to develop ideas for
international clients.

Sep 12 - Mar 13 / Grohe AG - Dusseldorf / Internship

Joined to the Best Design Team of 2011 (Red Dot) for a six months
internship period to develop sanitary fittings ideas.

Feb 12 - Jul 12 / Volvo Cars - Gothenburg / Thesis

Completed a master thesis project on "Acceptance of
reflections from high gloss surfaces in vehicle interior"

Apr 10 - Jan 11 / Elektropak- Istanbul / full-time

Worked as industrial designer & stylist with an experienced team
which develops home appliances for local and global markets.

Oct 08 - present / Akin Bacioglu Design Factory / freelance

Involved in product design and brand identity projects for
different companies around the world.


Oct 13   The winning Interface Design Project in
               Karel VOIP Mobile App Contest

Jul 11    Stack school desk won special mention in
               Perm Furniture Design Competition (Russia)

Jan 11    Dustroyer vacuum cleaner was produced by
               Homend home appliances company in Turkey

Oct 09    I Love H cravate pattern design selected as
                finalist in Les cravates par Hermes
                design competition among 6133 designs.

Apr 09    Also armchair was published in
                MD design magazine (Germany)

Nov 08   Also armchair was published in
                Abitare design magazine (Italy)

Jun 08    Also armchair won special mention in
                Promosedia International Design Competition

Mar 08   Also armchair won 2nd price in
                1st National Furniture Design Competition

Sep 06   ID sunglasses design won third prize in
                Radical Movements Design Competition

Sep 05    Kisstanbul tshirt graphic design was selected in
                design workshop and produced by Mavi Jeans
                It is in the market since February 2006.

Nov 04   Active packaging design was exhibited
                in MEdesign International Design Fair in Italy.
                (2nd grade school project)


     Logo design of the also chair project 1/4

Dustroyer is a water-filtered vacuum cleaner that collects all the dust and other dirts into the water. Its dust compartment can be easily cleaned after use.
Thanks to its high quality HEPA filter, only clean air can go out of your vacuum cleaner. Ergonomic handle and the button set make your cleaning job even easier and enjoyable. Homend brand sells this product in their stores and on online marketing channels.You can get more information about this design by clicking here (Homend official website)

     Logo design of the also chair project 1/4

Also armchair is an multifunctional furniture which designed for teen rooms and small houses. It can be used as an reading chair and also a working table.
Just flip the armchair for 90 degrees, and now it is a working desk. Besides there is a bookcase behind the backrest of the chair to put your books or homeworks.
It works properly in both position. Because of the minimalistic lines of design and selected materials it is very easy to produce and very cheap to purchase.


button      Logo design of the button stool project 1/5

Button project inspired from buttons which used in electronics stuff for operating the system. Other inspiration source is the button word itself. When the letters was divided as butt+on, it gives the main idea about how this product works.

Having a beautiful light effects inside, i thought it would be a good idea using this stool as a lighting object at the same time. So along this concept, i created a button cafe project which used button stools inside. The cafe's lighting level depends on customers' number. The more customers means more brightness and a more colorful place.


mol      Logo design of the mol cutlery project 1/5

In chemistry, mol defines a certain amount of atoms. Just like atoms join together and build molecules, then compounds.
In this design; the fork,the spoon and the knife by differentiating in length and shape, builds dinner and service kits and finally this 17 pieces cutlery set.
The letters in the mol word, impersonates the fork, the spoon and the knife left to the right.
m letter symbolizes the fork's sticks, o letter symbolizes the spoon's bowl and the l letter symbolizes the knife's sharp surface.


iceself      Logo design of the iceself martini glass project 1/4

Iceself was designed especially for Bombay Sapphire's Martini Glass Competition. Knowing that most of the drink are served with icecubes, iceself create them itself.


Undisclosed project for few months


mood      Logo design of the mood sunglasses project 1/6

Mood is a multifunctional accessories which you can listen music, make a phone call or just use as a sunglasses.
While wearing mood at the street or sunbathing at the beach, all eyes will be on you.

It has so many important features which make it new and different.
Mood's frame made of flexible yet durable plastic. It fits perfectly your face and doesn't slip like as ordinary headphones.
There is an embedded high quality microphone with sound cancellling feature inside of the headphone. Your voice is clearly transferred to the other side.
Thanks to the bluetooth technology, mood can establish a connection with computers and gsm phones.
You can store mp3 files inside of built-in memory and listen your music whenever you want.
Either at sunglasses position or headphone position, enjoy the high quality sound system.
Mood can be recharged by using USB connection. There is a lithium battery inside of headphone.

If you have some other wishes, please be patient for mood2.



In this logo, initial letters of Akin Bacioglu create two different stories. In first one, they form a comic character's head which is busy on dreaming about something.
In second one, they form a factory building with chimneys which is working non-stop. an industrial and graphic design factory ...


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